Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wood Goodness

I love wood items, and wood kids toys and playthings make me especially happy. I got these items from caseys wood products and LOVE them. I got a whole assortment of things: spools, clothespins (for hanging up 'laundry') , eggs, beads to string, clothespins to make clothespin dolls, large rings to make fairy rings out of, wooden 'people' get the idea. So some of these things will find their way under the tree this year, some will be made into presents through the year for our little friends, some I will dole out here and there to my kiddos. Last night I couldn't resist dumping all of it into the gorgeous made in Vermont wood bowl that I got for cheap at a garage sale somewhere. Oh yes, it made me very happy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Robot Dog!

Look what a creative 5 year old boy can do with a cardboard box (and some help from dad and some camo duct tape). A fun time was spent one fall afternoon crawling around the backyard being the amazing Robot dog.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The View from Here

I snapped this picture recently of our dining room and the activity that goes on there. Very rarely is there nothing on this table--usually there's a mix of craft projects and items and school papers and cups and sticky fingerprints get the idea!
My lovely midwife visited this morning for a bit and asked how I was doing (amidst my middle 2 asking me for help with various things while we were trying to talk), and I sighed and said 'oh...fine...yes, really...' I wasn't very convincing! But I'm trying to enjoy these days (and mostly I do!) and know that the work of my heart and hands makes a difference.

remember flannel boards?

We made some a few weeks ago, using up some flannel that was given to me and wrapped around a piece of foam core. Then we cut shapes out of inexpensive acrylic felt. The kids played with these (we made 2) for a long time. We made a summer scene, a fall scene, and we can make winter scenes here soon...