Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my new 'office'

Last week, in a week of heavy writing deadlines and other such things, i got this wild and crazy idea that i needed an office.  right now.  let me back up--we've never had the space to dedicate to an offic or anything, so a desk has always been in our bedroom (didn't like) or in our dining room (didn't like that, either).

i decided that i would move the desk into what was Lily's room, and then Calvin's room (though it was still pink and purple) and that Calvin would be happy sleeping upstairs 'with the big kids.'  then we'd all be happy, right?  oh, i tried it almost a year ago! Fail!

i bought the paint the next day--picking colors that surprised me even (hello--brown??), and started painting.

in the midst of this i'm still working like crazy on writing deadlines and did i mention, we're switching from a pc to a mac?  i guess i know that i work better under pressure, so i was on fire.

today i got the finishing touch, a rug, so it's pretty much done aside from some finishing quarter round that may or may not get done this year.  here we go....

one end of the room
the other end.  what a mess!
getting prepped to paint
computer desk in the dining room


the 'office' side
the playroom side
my music and files and some books, etc.
one of my favorite quotes, "here's to the crazy ones"

Yay, I feel like a pro now!