Thursday, September 8, 2011

putting this blog to bed.

my posting here has slowed way, way down on this ol' craft blog. i will always be making things--mostly now it's hoops. And much of what i do--writing, hooping and pole--is my craft that i don't feel compelled to blog at all.

and to be perfectly honest, i don't follow many blogs anymore. to be super duper honest, i get annoyed when i see the posses of bloggers and twitter-ers (one and the same) that seem to think exactly alike. if i've read one, i've read a thousand. i can't pick out their unique voices, because there doesn't seem to BE a unique voice.

i'm not interested in sponsorships, giveaways, book deals, getting listed on babble (not sure what that is) or getting paid to review products.

i don't want to blog daily. i don't want to tweet multiple times daily. so much of it feels all the same to me.

i want to go deeper. as much as i love the 'net (too much really), the time that i invest here takes time away from the things i really want to do. i don't want to feel that guilt. when i first started blogging my goal was to learn to knit. i tried really hard, and i gave up on it. it's not my thing.

i realize that when i started this i was trying to emulate an ideal. some of it's authentically me, some of it was not.

much of what i discovered is authentically me doesn't fit into the narrow description of 'craft blog' that i labelled this.

i have many opportunities converging on me at this very moment. letting this go opens me up even more, to so much!

i love my life. here's to creativity in ALL its incarnations, and to lives authentically lived.

the end.