Sunday, April 25, 2010

rainy sunday morning

I love waking up before everyone else, when the house is quiet and the day stretches out ahead.  I went out this morning in the rain and took some pictures.  It was so peaceful.
The gardens are ready to be planted!  Not today, though.

I'm writing a column on this old schoolhouse and Kim Porter of Garden Thyme.  The above photo was taken in 1898 at the school's dedication.  From 1930 until 1998, when Kim bought it, it was left to ruin.  You can see the detail that has been lost--the belfry, the spires on the chimneys, the wonderful porches.  She is restoring the schoolhouse as she can afford it.   And the plants!  A wonderful variety of all sorts of herbs, perennials, annuals.  Scented geraniums, lavendar, maiden pinks...those are all on my list to buy.  Yesterday we got monarda and an aloe vera plant.

Friday, April 16, 2010


What more is there to say?  Except I would like for them to bloom all spring and summer.  They're so fleeting and lovely.  I want to 'drink them in', as Anne of Green Gables would say. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

weekend review

So I had hopes of blogging on Monday, and now here's it's the middle of the week already!  Wow.

I look around outside and am amazed.   When does it happen?  I'm outside every day, trying to watch the changes.  I walk around the yard and exclaim 'whoa!  when did THIS come up?  Or this...and when did this bloom?' 

This spring has been unbelievably gorgeous.  So many warm days.  Lilacs and tulips blooming in April!  Unreal.

I got my clothesline up and love it.  I can't resist smelling all the clothes and sheets as I take them off the line.  All we need to do is have a stake in the ground to prop up the line in the middle.  I wish I had put up my line a looong time ago, knowing that.  But now it's up and I intend to use it lots.  My neighbor with the pristine lawn (while mine is all organic--aka has weeds) will be thrilled.

We also did more puttering around the yard, just soaking in being outside.  I went to a Vinyasa yoga class (outside!) and got a couple runs in.  Yesterday Lils and I planted some baby trees. 

I started digging up some of the yard at 7:30 on Sunday night, because I got inspired about a project we want to do this summer.  Rob didn't 'dig' that too much.  Ha.  I hope he doesn't mind TOO much the holes in the ground till we get it done. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sandpaper letters and racing cars

So a long time ago I wanted to buy the children some sandpaper letters.  I searched online but only found very expensive sets.  I thought, well, I can make those can't I?!  So several trips to the craft store later (to find the wood I wanted in stock), I had strips of wood to cut in half, paint (to paint the vowel boards one color and the consonant boards another color) and adhesive felt (so I wouldn't have to do brown sandpaper).  I couldn't get motivated though.  The materials sat and taunted me (well, not really) but I just didn't want to start.  I realized I'd need to print and cut all the letters backwards and it seemed like a hella work (it would be).  BUT!  Then I found these on etsy!  I could even customize the font!  And they were SO reasonable.  I got the alphabet and numbers for under $50, including shipping.  YES!  See the shop here.

Now below--Eric wanted to race cars in the upstairs hall.  I took some pictures.  Lily even graced us with her dressed-up self.  I love these kids.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

earth hour & gardening update, and Sweet Papery

We celebrated Earth Hour last Saturday from 8:30-9:30 pm.  I thought it was/is a great way to consider the environment, and a tangible and uniting way for humans to show their desire to conserve our limited resources.  So while looking for candles to light, I got this basket of tealights down from my cupboard and looked at it lovingly.  It's special to me, as my friend Kristen gave it to me when she gave me a blessingway when I was pregnant with Lily.  So those candles were first lit then, almost 5 yrs. ago.  They were lit again when I was in labor and about to have Lily (I think??  Or there might not have been time.  *I* sure didn't light them).  Then they were lit again when I was laboring with Calvin.  These candles provided the only light (except for the flashlight) when he was born at 1:30 am.  Nostalgia!
So anyway, we lit candles and ate popcorn and read stories.  We talked about how when this house was built, there was no electricity, only candles and lamps.  How different the world was then!  And hard to imagine, but fun to try to by candlelight. 

Our seeds are sprouting!  We're 12 days post planting.  Not all are up yet, so I'm anxiously awaiting that.  Outside the lilacs are leafing out like crazy, daffodils and hyacinths are blooming, peonies and hostas are coming up, too.  And I can hardly believe today is April 1st!  I thought it was still March for part of the day, disbelieving it can really be April.

We met some friends at the Children's Museum today for the first time and had a great time.  We (my internet friends and I) laugh about meeting our 'imaginary' internet friends.  I feel so grateful to know so many great women, near and far. 

Just got an email from Sweet Papery :
Happy April Fool's Day!
We love a good joke, but we love a good sale even more. Starting Friday and ending on Sunday we are offering our favorite customers (that's you!) 25% off your entire order. Just go to our website: and enter the following coupon code when checking out: tomfoolery

I love their stamps!  I have this one: