Sunday, May 24, 2009

Farmer's Market & Garden

Yesterday I went to my bookclub with 2 amazing women (incidentally I loved that we had 5 homebirths between us and have the same midwives) and we discussed Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. this book has changed my life. I also have on my 'To Read' list Real Food by Nina Plank and The Omnivore's Dilemma & In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen. So I've made a HUGE shift in my thinking about eating local and how very important it is to support our local farmers. Instead of going to the Farmer's Market now and spending a little bit each weekend to grill/eat over the weekend and then when that's done, go to the grocery store to get more!...I'm going to do the opposite, stock up at the market. So yesterday morning with 2 little ones in tow I headed down to the market and did just that. I bought: rhubarb, strawberries, asparagus, raw honey, wildberry drinkable yogurt, aged cheese, chicken, ground beef, eggs, fresh oregano (or was it dill??) and for the garden: green pepper plants, 2 tomato varieties (the heirloom Brandywine and a very early on hybrid Rutgers), cucumbers, squash, and pumpkin. I also bought locally made cleaning products. I was heavy laden! And I have a friction burn on my shoulder to prove it. It felt good, so good, to be buying from local farmers/vendors. And so enjoyable to shop in an outdoor market, like that's how it's supposed to be. I need to find a little Radio Flyer to take next time though.

So now one entire 4x8 garden is planted. I hope I got the spacing ok in the one I planted. I want to leave them room to grow obviously, but want the highest yield, too. We will see. Now for the other one I'm thinking pole beans and maybe peas. And I'm so excited about them that I would like to make about 4 more of them, if we had the room and more spots with good sun. Hmm.
Edit--on the way up to our hometown this weekend for 2 days of decluttering at the parents homes, we were discussing our gardening efforts and Rob said he would really enjoy getting a plot of land and doing some more heavy duty gardening. I would love to do some co-op gardening. Also, I got bunches of pretty bluish-purple monarda and clumps of forget-me-nots, as well as fresh rhubarb too. My mother in law is going to give me a clump of rhubarb in the fall, woo hoo. I don't know how anyone would have it growing and not use it, it's such a yummy and easy fruit to use! I would like to make rhubarb soda with it:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ahh-breathe in, breathe out. It's been crazy around here and I've been feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by projects I want to tackle, things I want to make and do and learn and read, events I'm trying to pull off and deadlines to meet, raising four children and all those challenges, juggling schedules, in the midst of this I've been letting my hoop and pole time slip away...I miss those badly! I need to not do that, but when it's crazy those are the first to go. After all, I must keep up with the dishes and laundry and we need to eat, right? I think I'll be able to sneak some in tonight though (fingers crossed). But here's some sweetness going on. Last Friday we went to a garage sale in Potter's Woods. I always try to hit the upscale neighborhood sales! Up above was my find. I always hone in on anything wood! This furnished Plan Toys dollhouse cost me $40, more than I had intended on spending that day, but worth it! I just LOVE it and see that it will get hours of imaginative play. I made these little blankets and pillows for the beds.

And then--a half off short sleeved men's dress shirt from Goodwill (1.99) into a sweet summertime Lily dress. I shoulda taken a before pic of the shirt--I never remember until I'm already too far into a project! This is super easy and I'll be making more. I forgot to remove the front pocket but it looks super cute in the back. I love how I didn't have to do buttons! I'll also make her some more 'Lazy Days' skirts. And will make Calvin some more pants. I got the 3 pairs of pants made for the 3 males in the house (from the thrifted twin sheet), but Rob's are just a *bit* too snug. Darn! So I have to fix that, then I'll take a pic of them all in their pants.

And I have a zillion other sewing projects, have started a knitting group (16 members so far!), a bookclub, farmer's market shopping is coming up Saturday (woo hoo!), need to get soil for raised beds and get them planted, and on and on. Life is full and good...but can it slow down a little?
I am so happy to have 'met' online a whole bunch of fellow local bloggers around these parts lately:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Bliss

I got to spend some quiet time Sunday morning taking in this delicious stack of fat quarters.

Coffee at the sewing machine--ahh!

First completed project of the day--a clothespin apron made from a thrifted shirt.

Then...some potholders were made from a vintage tablecloth.

A 'Lazy Days' skirt for Lily was made from vintage fabric from my grandma and is well loved by Lily already. Pattern here:

A thrifting trip yielded a stack of lovely cotton sheets, pillowcases, and a tablecloth. Some will be used as bags/bag linings, as pants (below) and of course, sheets.

This striped sheet is becoming 3 pairs of matching pants for my 3 boys this week.
Crafting aside, I also got 3 different heirloom tomato plants which I'm so excited about! One of them is called "Chocolate Stripe.' Sounds yummy, doesn't it?!
And of course...lots of special time with my lovelies and lots of yummy treats. A wonderful weekend.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Glimpses of my garden

A happy weekend was spent outside in the perfect, sunny spring air. We worked on building raised vegetable garden beds, a window planter, planting bedding plants and seeds, and just enjoying being outside.

Yesterday evening Calvin and I walked around our house and took some pictures....