Thursday, January 13, 2011

the realm of skinny jeans, and the boot saga ends...for now

last night i did it.  i bought some skinny jeans (my teenage daughter rolls her eyes a little, i think.  it's HER territory after all!).  wow, how did i go so long without them?  they're so comfortable and look so good with my new black boots.  the boot saga is over.  but i'll back up--a bunch of years ago (7 I think) i picked up an awesome pair of (vinyl) black heeled boots, i don't even remember where, for probably around $30.  i loved them.  they fit like a dream, looked awesome, had a square toe and chunky heel, and were 'clicky' when i walked.  i love clicky's.

then this year the vinyl started splitting and peelin around the zipper.  i've still worn them, it's pretty hidden under my regular boot cut jeans, but i started looking for replacement boots.

i was in for a long haul.  i couldn't find any like THAT.  i wanted leather, but would be ok with vinyl, i just wanted something like those.  i searched stores.  i searched online.  i searched ebay.  i ended up buying THREE pairs of boots on ebay that i thought would work.  none did (and now i have three pairs to re-sell).  i bought a pair of as-close-as-i-can-come-to-what-i-want boots at DSW....BUT no clicky heels.  that bugged me.

then i searched zappos again and found these.  I got them yesterday and pretty much love them.  they're as close as i'm gonna get to my old boots.  if the heel was a little chunkier and they had zippers (i didn't realize they were stretch pull-ons) i'd be ecstatic.  but i'm at least very, very happy!  so then i was thinking--skinny jeans!  why have i never?  took the daughter to old navy and found some clearanced for 8.99 each.  we each got 2 pairs.  sweet!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Although not in the January print issue, the Parenting 101 features I wrote for Indy's Child and Cincinnati Parent are online (same article, but different quotes for each market). This is my official debut for another writing venue and I look forward to other writing opportunities for 2011.

I have a couple of blog posts from december to blog about, coming soon.  I have some writing deadlines that I should do first!