Monday, June 22, 2009

Gardens, Artists, Musicians, and a Party

Artist at work! I just love this picture. The artist, Nancy, lives a few blocks from me.

Barbara and Richard's garden

Recycled magazine mosaics --I got a bunch of magnets and notecards for presents.

Beautiful handwoven, fair trade African baskets by Dianbaar

Some metal garden sculptures by artist Greg Knipe. I got us a pink butterfly. salvaged beauty

A fantastic local band, Finer, came to play in a garden!

More metal sculpture by artist David Springer. Kings Gate Studio

People starting to gather. We had 2 tables on this side of the yard and 5 tables on the other side--we ended up having around 50 people, but I was too busy talking and making sure everything was flowing that I didn't get many photos.

My dear friend Lynelle (blurry--darn!). She and her husband travel all over doing hot air balloon shows! She was my great help at the party, setting up and donating 14 hostas to give away, as well as keeping me supplied with wine, saying 'sometimes you just need to do something for you, and sometimes you need to sneak it...' She made a wonderful lemon ice box pie--mmmm!

Our neighbor Nick...

and his wife Patsy. We love to share plants, well, she shares hers with me! She's a great gardener.

This sweet couple in the white in the foreground was on the garden tour. Barbara did ALL the work in her garden HERSELF, including digging out the fish pond!! She's all non-chalant about it, too. Their daughter, Sherry, on the right in the floral shirt, looks JUST like Martha Stewart!! I wish I could have taken a picture of her face...truly uncanny!

Man, I really am wishing for a better camera! All these pics turned out blurry:

The party aftermath....I was undaunted by the counters full of dirty dishes. We had a very 'green' party--I refused to use paper or plastic anything, so this was all the real deal. Real dishes, glasses, silverware, napkins...I simply borrowed some plates and glasses. I had everything else.

Signs of a successful party, I think!! And of course, these all got recycled. It was a lovely evening!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day in the Life

I originally called this post 'My Daily Round', not wanting to completely rip off my inspiration that I got here , but eh, I didn't like it as much and I never claimed to be original anyway! I did suggest a week or so ago that my midwives do ' A Day in the Life of a Midwife'. I would so love that!

So here we go...I wake up around 6:30 and head to the kitchen, where I find this:

the barbie dolls apparently had a pool party last night.

I get out fixings to make Rob a salad. Local buttercrunch lettuce, local 'sparegrass', organic cherry tomatoes, feta, and homemade creamy french dressing.

and local squash!

lunch is made, he also gets a pb&j. What a treat! Poor guy, usually I don't do this and he has to fend for himself.

I see that my shirt I wore to bed is on inside out AND backwards.
I eat 2 shredded wheat biscuits w/ strawberries, drink coffee, pump milk for Calvin & check email. Grace gets up.

Calvie is awake!

an appointment with my best friend in the morning--my sedu flat iron.

a survey of my 'to do' notebook for the garden tour .

laundry to go down to the basement, waiting for Calvin to be occupied first.

now Eric is up, reading Dragonology. Calvin has a snack.

Lily is still out. i survey the damage in her room. it was actually picked up the night before hmm.

i smell stinky, so i slap on some of my trusty 'i'm not a dirty hippie' homemade deodorant.

calvin & i head out to see our 'chocolate stripe' heirloom tomatoes.

pumpkins growing from last year's composted pumpkin, transplanted to the garden.

kentucky wonder pole beans


i survey my knitting. i worked on it more at the previous night's sticks & string knitting group. they asked what i was making and i said 'oh, you know, a rectangle.' i will not think about how much time i have spent on this. it will get faster for me, right?!

friends come over to play, they go wake up lily and start playing.
grace helps me try calvin in the mei tai in prep for our vermont trip and plans of hiking. it's a struggle to get him in it on my back, once we do, he's happy, but i'm not. he's squealing and having a grand time pulling my hair. OUCH. i take him off. i have wrenched my neck in the process and now it hurts. ugh. i go bid on a hotsling on ebay.

after the kids have played for awhile, it's nearly lunchtime. i've been able to start on the laundry & answer emails, etc. i make a stack of pb&j on homemade bread.

lunchtime. here lily is throwing a carrot stick across the table...??

i go to put some laundry away--bed is still not made?! my routine is off, i *always* make the bed in the morning, but since C is in our bed I can't make it soon after I get up, then I get busy and forget.

gasp! look, it's afternoon and i'm just now getting it made!!

calvie is down for a diaper change, not totally willingly. distraction helps.

fast as i can, i slap a new awesome pocket dipe on c's cute bum. it was made by one of brandi & marisol's mamas.

we hit the road--to the library. yes, i took this while driving.

yay, books for me on the hold shelf.

i photocopy a sweater pattern from a knitting book. i can't imagine doing this at this point. maybe in a few years!

i sneak some garden tour leaflets on a shelf with other brochures.

i also pay my fines.

we head downstairs in the 'alligator'.

the children play & choose books. they see some children with the cheap-o summer reading club prizes that i dislike muchly. they desperately want to sign up. sigh. i try to bribe them with me getting them a prize myself, but no, they want *those* prizes. so i sign up lily and eric.

when we're ready to go, we cannot find lily. we search all over downstairs. i hear her calling me. she had gone UPSTAIRS looking for me! crisis over. this happens too often. i reiterate again that she needs to stay close by me.

calvin likes the fishies!

i brought the stroller, knowing that i'd end up carrying calvin and it would hold the books. yep.

i pick up the garden tour banners & stakes. going to hang them tonight when rob gets home from karate (9:30-ish) with a friend.

kids plop on the couch to read, perfect since it's a rainy afternoon. i am outbid on the hotsling. maybe i'll just stick with the moby for our trip. i eat lunch leftovers somewhere in here.

calvin naps!

here are my library books. not sure about the novel. i saw something about it somewhere and thought it seemed intriguing, so i put a hold on it. i flipped through it and maybe it's not as good as i hoped, but i'll give it a try .

crock pot and frozen meals, how i love you. this is the last frozen meal, boo. need to make more after our vacay. did more laundry. got the mail and the freakin' heavy screen door hit the back of the ankle as i was coming in, opening back up the blistery wound i got last weekend breaking in some new sandals. OUCH. sent grace to get me some TP so i wouldn't bleed on the floor. shoot.
calvin wakes up after a too short nap. i lay down with him for nap time round 2. lily wants me to draw her some princesses, so i do that when c goes back to sleep.
i plan the menu for the after tour party for the garden tour. some i will buy (desserts), some i'm having catered (appetizers).
Eric and Grace are still reading. Eric is determined to read 10 books TODAY to get his prize.
i clean and organize lily's room pretty well.

Lily asks to make no bake cookies. calvin is still sleeping, why not?

the wooden spoon broke in the pb jar! what the heck?

lily likes to stir. calvin wakes up, i finish making the cookies w/ him on my hip.

check the evite list for the party. 28 coming so far, i also invite more people.

still reading!

my darling son.

our library receipt. by this point i have probably moved calvin from the dog dish about 73 times. we load/unload the dishwasher. he's figured out how to climb on the door when it's down.

now it's evening-he's getting down to some consoul train.

he also figures out the stairs--really well. he went up 5 before i said ok, that's enough!

my sister, brother in law, and niece stopped by. i love talking w/ my beautiful sis. During their visit, we ate our dinner. It was after 8 pm already?!

sweet ella.

they go home and Rob gets home. he's exhausted, they did strength training and he said it was brutal. the banner hanging gets postponed, it's pouring down rain.

Lily and I do our bedtime routine--stories. I had this book 'Bullfrog Builds a House' when I was little. Not this exact one, I bought this one off Amazon. A wonderful story. Her other faves at the moment are The Giant Jam Sandwich and A Great Day for UP! I have those original copies from when I was a girl.
Calvin is finally down for the night, and as usually happens, I fell asleep too. So I woke up after midnight to get ready for bed. Rob was in bed, I didn't hear him come in. I went to the kitchen to clean up from dinner and he had already done it! Counters were clear, DW was loaded. Ahhh.