Monday, June 22, 2009

Gardens, Artists, Musicians, and a Party

Artist at work! I just love this picture. The artist, Nancy, lives a few blocks from me.

Barbara and Richard's garden

Recycled magazine mosaics --I got a bunch of magnets and notecards for presents.

Beautiful handwoven, fair trade African baskets by Dianbaar

Some metal garden sculptures by artist Greg Knipe. I got us a pink butterfly. salvaged beauty

A fantastic local band, Finer, came to play in a garden!

More metal sculpture by artist David Springer. Kings Gate Studio

People starting to gather. We had 2 tables on this side of the yard and 5 tables on the other side--we ended up having around 50 people, but I was too busy talking and making sure everything was flowing that I didn't get many photos.

My dear friend Lynelle (blurry--darn!). She and her husband travel all over doing hot air balloon shows! She was my great help at the party, setting up and donating 14 hostas to give away, as well as keeping me supplied with wine, saying 'sometimes you just need to do something for you, and sometimes you need to sneak it...' She made a wonderful lemon ice box pie--mmmm!

Our neighbor Nick...

and his wife Patsy. We love to share plants, well, she shares hers with me! She's a great gardener.

This sweet couple in the white in the foreground was on the garden tour. Barbara did ALL the work in her garden HERSELF, including digging out the fish pond!! She's all non-chalant about it, too. Their daughter, Sherry, on the right in the floral shirt, looks JUST like Martha Stewart!! I wish I could have taken a picture of her face...truly uncanny!

Man, I really am wishing for a better camera! All these pics turned out blurry:

The party aftermath....I was undaunted by the counters full of dirty dishes. We had a very 'green' party--I refused to use paper or plastic anything, so this was all the real deal. Real dishes, glasses, silverware, napkins...I simply borrowed some plates and glasses. I had everything else.

Signs of a successful party, I think!! And of course, these all got recycled. It was a lovely evening!

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  1. It would have been nice to have had more time to speak with you and get to know everyone else. Maybe next year. Thanks for including Matt and I in the Simmnon's Garden. We enjoyed it very much. I really enjoy reading your Blog Krista as well. Nice job Krista!


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