Wednesday, May 5, 2010


lots of playing on the screen porch and in the yard again this week.  It's so good to be outside!  I have a zillion projects I want to do.  One of which involves bricks.  Lots of bricks.  I'm getting loads of partial bricks for free from a historic home here in town, free street bricks from another local town, and also getting free limestone slabs from a friend.  Projects are getting underway--pics to come.
anyway, back to the kids (oh yeah, they enjoy loading and unloading bricks too.  especially when it involves a trip to the ice cream store!)
this little man is knackered.  I love that word--love all the english and aussie slang.  I would totally say 'nappies'  if people would understand that I mean diapers and not a nap.  I love this--fell asleep on my back in the ergo and I oh so gently laid him on the bed.  love.

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