Friday, September 17, 2010

my tomatoes...

so here are some pics of the tomatoes I so lovingly grew from seed this year.  They did so, so well, especially in this drought (and I haven't watered them, either.  I'm a lazy gardener!).  I love my little garden.


  1. Those tomatoes look SO good! Speaking of toasted tomato sammies, try this: big slice of tomato (with pinch of kosher salt on it) on dark bread of choice, topped with a big slice of smoked gouda cheese - throw it under the broiler (or in toaster oven) till cheese melts and starts to get all yummy. THEN cover with thin slices of granny smith apples lightly sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon (trust me), top with your other piece of toasty bread, and enjoy the best sandwich known to mankind. Seriously.
    -Lisa, your sometime stalker :)

  2. ohhhh, yum!! i will try this :) thank you.

  3. I think I'm suffering from tomato envy. Damp here, and I've a handful of teeny-but-reliable sungolds. Will have to try Lisa's recipe.

  4. it's sad to not have a good tomato crop! love them so much.

    i did try Lisa's recipe. mmm!! very yummy!


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