Friday, January 9, 2009

Quilt update, birds, and TP

The quilt is coming along well! Here's the side with assorted fabrics from Grandma. I just pieced them together randomly (I like random) and sewed them in strips.
Then here's the other side. And below that is the unfinished quilt binding edge. I've never done a quilt binding (since I've never made a quilt!) but thanks to this flickr tutorial: I was able to figure it out easily. Now I just need to handsew the edges and I'm done! This will be our couch quilt. Woo hoo!

I made these felt birds from stiff felt I got at JoAnn's. It's only .79 cents for a large sheet and I could literally cut out 10+ birds per sheet, so it's not only a cute craft but inexpensive too! The wings fit onto the body as you can see by the one I assembled on the right. These would be cute tucked into a card as a little gift. I'm giving these to our little guests that we're having over for a family dinner tomorrow. I got the idea and pattern here:

Who knew a 20 pk. of Scott's toilet tissue could provide so much fun? I wouldn't say hours of fun, but many happy minutes were spent stacking it into skyscrapers and marching it up the stairs like this.


  1. Ok, wait, how long were you working on the quilt? 2 weeks? I started a quilt during the 2002 Winter Olympics. I am not making that up. I am maybe a third of the way done piecing it together? Apparently, though, the pattern that I picked is insanely hard. I should have thougth that through better. Now, it's rolled up in batting and my cat sleeps on it. I'm not making that up either! I think I might have to work on it this weekend...

  2. Yeah, probably 2 weeks. I purposely picked one that was quick because I tend to be impatient and like to start and finish projects quick. Not always a good thing, but...

    I look at my grandma's quilts and am in awe. So many pieces, so much time and love put into them, it's amazing. I love that you sew too! And what an ambitious project! I'm sure you'll finish it and it will be amazing!!


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