Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm going to attempt a quilt

We stopped by my Grandma's the other day on our way home from a family visit and she generously gifted me this amazing fabric, along with several sizes of large quilt squares she had pieced and a whole bunch of little ones. Grandma was an avid quilter but doesn't quilt anymore and wanted someone to be able to use this. I sorted through the bin and picked all the fabrics that go somewhat together and piled them together for the quilt. So now I have this ahead of me and I'm excited! I need to pick up Bend the Rules Sewing from the library, I know there's an easy lap quilt pattern in there. I sure won't get as fancy as Grandma and do hundreds (thousands?) of small pieces. But I love that I will make it entirely out of fabric she gave me, except for the lining and backing.

I love this picture of my Grandma, taken in 1926. Here she is with her first quilt. She was six and had to sew a 4-patch quilt block together every day before she could play. Wow.

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  1. Hey, I recognize some of those fabrics (yellow one on top, blue one). I bought them when I was making my own scrub tops. I gave them to grandma when she came to visit since I no longer make them. Good luck on the quilt!


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