Monday, March 23, 2009

knitting (or not) in the park

One day last week we walked over to the park, it was so glorious out. It's March. In Indiana. Usually that consists of brown grass, frosts, even snow. And if not snow, then rain. This has been a March like no other though! The grass is green, my 'mini daffodils' (not sure of the correct term) are blooming, lilacs are budding. All way early! It's amazing. So this was a warm, almost 70 degree day and we packed down the stroller with drinks, snacks, toys, a blanket and my knitting. Then we walked downtown, across the river on the pedestrian bridge, and on the winding trails up to the park playground. I spread out the blanket and got out Calvin's toys and got out my knitting. What was Calvin most interested in? Mama's knitting. So sweet.

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