Wednesday, July 1, 2009

henna, hooping on the hill, a hat...and sewing paper

here is my henna--below is a blurry slightly faded pic of my arm....we love doing henna around here.
on a perfect summer day i enjoyed spinning round and round on my parents vermont hill--just up the road from where i lived as a baby/toddler.

i knit my first hat! ok, it didn't start out to be a hat--just a rectangle that would perhaps become a washcloth, but i couldn't bear to do another boring washcloth. so i kept knitting and made a long rectangle, sewed up the sides, and added little tassels. see it there? NOT on calvin's head? my sweet son apparently hates hats!
so here's a pic of it on the table instead.

i sewed up some sweet paper journals, loved by me and the big kids. super easy and fun to sew paper!

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