Monday, September 14, 2009

Centering, Affirmations, Candles...

I had an amazing weekend.  Really, really amazing.  Thursday I was completely miserable, with a head that felt like it was stuffed with cotton, runny nose, get the idea.  i was behind in planning the blessingway that my friend and I were hosting for our pregnant friend, had a zillion and one things planned for the weekend, and collapsed into bed that night hoping and praying I would feel better in the morning.  And guess what?  I did.  Amazingly, I did.  And I could carry on with reading the blessingway book Mother Rising and planning for the ceremony.  The ceremony was touching and special, a wonderful gathering of women and young daughters.  And I felt this powerful connection between us and between all women throughout time.  We constructed an altar for the ceremony, and I felt compelled to construct one in my sanctuary of my bedroom, so that I can visit it at any time to find my center and call on Spirit.  All of the objects on it hold special meaning for me, which is important.  The circle I made with the marbles (left over from the blessingway) reminds me of the powerful circle of women that are woven into my life.

Sunday I enjoyed a beautiful homebirth reunion picnic and again made more connections and founded more friendships.  Brandi had just come home from Asheville, NC where she got to attend a drum circle.  A drum circle!  I soooo want to experience that.  I'm working on finding one around here...

We're instituting choosing one affirmation per day per child, and carrying that thought through the day.
And working on some new mealtime blessings.  We're also into lighting candles around here, so we do that too.  Fire + Lily is a scary combo.  (I should make an affirmation that says 'I am careful with fire.')

Grace's amazing and cool dragon script.  I love this.  Jessie mailed Grace a letter over the summer that was sealed with wax.  Wax!!  Jessie is awesome.

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