Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'i'm not a dirty hippie' and no-sugar cookies

So I made deodorant last summer using the recipe from here and heck yeah!  it works and is cheap and doesn't freak me out to use.  Plus I have half of it still left!  The environmental impact is a plus too.  How many sticks of deodorant would I have gone through in the time it takes to use up a jar of this?  10-12?

And here is a blog post with how to make all kinds of cleaners/soaps.  Anytime I can make my own whatever-it-is and not rely on commercial products, I love it. 

And Lil and I made these yummy oatmeal choc chip flaxseed cookies today from here and were thrilled to bring them to 2 new mamas, one with a 4 day old and one with a one month old.  I love new babies!  Of course, we enjoyed plenty of cookies ourselves!  mmm.

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