Saturday, August 7, 2010

a sweet couple

Last evening I took the kids for a walk downtown--it was First Friday/Jazz on the Square, and we hit Alexander's for ice cream cones, then walked down to Seminary Park for Shakespeare in the Park.  While we were there, who else but Mr. Arbuckle of Arbuckle's Railroad Place, and his wife ride up on their bikes.  I discovered Arbuckle's RR Place shortly after we moved to this town when my (then) neighbor Sarah told me about it.  It's billed as 'the greatest fabric show on earth'.  Mr. Arbuckle fixes sewing machines (and vacuums).  I've taken my girl in there to be fixed, and wondered what I will do when Mr. Arbuckle isn't there anymore.  And what will happen to the place?  It's a very cool old RR station, I hope something wonderful is done with it in the future.

Anyway, when they rode up, I asked to take their picture.  I only had my camera phone (SO bizarre, a 'camera phone') so the quality isn't great, but I'm glad I had it.  So here is the couple, watching Shakespeare in the park.

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