Tuesday, April 21, 2009

thrifted furniture, part one

So I've been wanting to write a post about the furniture that populates my house. When I say that most of it comes from Goodwill, garage sales, free from friends, or was trash picked, I'm not kidding. Here's a sampling of it...
this yummy green velvet chair was snagged at Goodwill a few months ago for the amazing price of 9.99.

I bought this 2 piece armoire from a neighboring street garage sale (Cherry St), handpainted by the former owner for her children. It fits great in Lily's closet. I paid 40.00 for it and just in time too...as soon as I bought it some other shoppers starting asking about it. Whew!

I bought this chair at a garage sale for 25.00 I think. It came with an ottoman too and I re-slipcovered both of them.

And this chair I got at the same sale, it was 40.00. A bit more than I would normally pay, but I really, really liked it! And it's still cheaper than buying a new, similar chair.I included this pic for the black chair there by the crib--that was picked up at another neighboring sale for a mere 5.00 (I'm noticing that I buy a lot of chairs...Rob has said no more!). So there's a start, I will save more for another day. I looove thrifted furniture. I've already posted about my 40.00 buffet. What will this year's sales turn up? Perhaps more furniture that I will need to store in my basement? Seriously, I only have 2 pieces in the basement right now, that's not bad, right?

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