Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what shall I make?

...is what I seem to be wondering. I had to snap this pic of myself (man I love having a camera with a timer! Next goal: to get a fancy used camera like a Canon or Nikon from craigslist. Someday!) Anyway, the point of this post is my apron. I love aprons! I need to wear them more. When I had this on I felt like my 'uniform' (jeans and top) was complete, wierd as that sounds. It just seemed so cozy and nice. I love the pockets on this apron. As I buzzed through the house I could scoop up errant toys and odds and ends and pop them in the pockets to return to their homes, so I was more productive too. I can see why women used to wear them all the time. I vow to wear it more, and it's nice to see the resurgence of interest in aprons, like via Amy Karol's site: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/tieoneon/

And wear (ha ha) did I get this lovely apron? At Goodwill for .99. Have I mentioned that I love Goodwill?!

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