Friday, August 14, 2009

(another) frog in truck, dollhouse, & cowgirl

I just love wood toys. LOVE them. Something about the timeless-ness of them, the close feel of nature, the pleasing texture. It just is the best. So of course I seek them out. I swear I can find wood toys (if they are there) in a rummage sale or at a thrift store in about 3 seconds. This is where we've picked up most of ours. I've also found some sweet deals on craigslist, like the Plan City Parking Garage for $20. I know that these are toys that I will pass down to my children. I have a whole 'nother thing for vintage children's books too, but that's another post...

I put this dollhouse together for Lily (another idea from The Children's Year craft book) for Lily and she was highly entertained. I simply recycled a cardboard box and glued on fabric scraps, then she furnished it with her Plan City dollhouse furniture and clothespin dolls (our whole family was in there). That round piece there by her hand up above is actually a sink, not a toilet, as it appears. Rest assured though, the toilet IS in there. Seriously.

And here is my girl in one of her get-ups. She's completely comfortable in her own skin, knows where she's going and how she's getting there. I love that about her, even if it makes me crazy half the time.

She's a climber. Have I mentioned that??

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