Sunday, August 9, 2009

re-working and calvin's photo book

I had Rob install these shelves last weekend above the play kitchen and it works so much better. It's nice to be able to display some of the nice kitchen items on their own shelves, just like we like to arrange our 'real' shelves with nice things.

on to my sewing table. I'm over the pink and looking to paint it aqua. I'm going to buy some Mythic Paint (non toxic! No VOC's!) and paint it soon. I am also going to make a simple machine cover, since I'm also over leaving my maching 'out' all the time and sewing stuff sprawled everywhere.

Not the greatest pictures (looking for a 'new' used good camera!) but I had to take pictures of Calvin's photo book of his first year, heaven forbid anything happen to it! Each photo (beginning with July 08) coordinates with one of the photos we took of him in that month.

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