Thursday, August 13, 2009

'superfrog' is found and new school bags

I moved the piano the other day in order to plug in my sewing machine...and found this little guy--Eric's lentil-stuffed beanbag frog (made from the cool crafting book 'A Children's Year'). He had been stuck there for who knows how long. Since he's Superfrog, I wonder why he didn't fly back out?? Anyway, he's back into the light of day now, fighting froggy crime again hopefully.
After taking the big kids to school, we decided to make Lily her own bag and pencil pouch for her 'school'. Following the montessori approach of sandpaper letters (on my list to make) I sewed her name on the bag in wool felt letters and showed her how to trace them with her finger. Here are the completely unstaged (and completely awesome) outtakes from the bag photo shoot.

And here's Grace with her new messenger style bag. She was thrilled to pick out the fabric and it turned out pretty well & she loves it, so I'm thrilled too. Note: we've never been to Aeropostale. The shirt is a resale shop find as is most of her wardrobe--yeah. Grace isn't label conscious at all, and I'm thankful for that! She loves this shade of green.

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