Tuesday, October 6, 2009

buy this book!

I just got this book in my hands last Friday night and I adore it.  If you are local, do yourself a favor and contact Jane at The Wild to get yourself a copy.  It's $7--seriously--for a total wealth of information that is engaging and easy to understand.  Topics cover Health & First Aid (making tinctures! salves, how to treat headaches, depression, colds, etc etc) to Non Toxic Cleaning and Body Care, to Gardening. 

I was sold on this book before I even read the Intro and reading the Intro when I got it made me love it even more:
."..no part of the process was trivial or mundane.  Creating and using something homemade never is.  I came to realize that my skepticism abouth the importance of these acts was based on a cultural belief that the domestic sphere is somehow less important than the public sphere.  Which, of course,  is such a load of crap. (amen, sister!) If we DIY only the elective, recreational parts of our lives-or only what other people can see-then how much of our lives are we really reclaiming?

...DIY is for everybody!  Gardening, homemaking, healing:  these are all such basic aspects of human life on this planet, and they are important for just that reason.

...to me, DIY is not a show of prowess, or even a hobby, rather, it is a necessary step towards living our lives on our own terms.  ...we cannot depend on a market-informed cultural consciousness to enlighten us--we have to do it ourselves."  (ding ding ding!!)
--raleigh briggs

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