Saturday, October 3, 2009

new (to me) shoes & other thrifted finds!

Today was a crisp, fall day.  I went to my neighbor's house and set up shop there with them and some other friends hoping for a good yard sale turnout.  It didn't happen, but oh well.  I spent more than I made shopping there, but looky what I got!!  2 'new' pairs of shoes that fit me perfectly!

these animal figurines.  I can picture the children playing blissfully with them.  Hopefully.

these awesome fish earrings

handmade necklaces

the red beads in this one are from a London bead shop.

a ring.  I LOVE this ring!

and I got a bunch of other stuff too.  Oh, I forgot to take a picture of my new patent leather purse.  Very chic.  And I got 3 books and a glass crab for Grace for christmas (as well as some funny 'goodbye kitty' coasters for her).  Yes, I'm getting a head start on Christmas.  It won't sneak up on me this year!  Since we have a deep freeze now, I'm thinking I will make ahead and freeze a bunch of cookie dough.  And I like to have frozen entrees at all times, so I want to get a bunch of those done too.  I'm making a list of potential presents for the kids, too, and as always my goal is to keep it simple.  Just a few presents each and a nice stocking.  Speaking of Christmas...

I got this package from whisker graphics and I love it.  I love, love, love glassine.  I'm going to get some from here.  Such a pretty presentation.


And this is what I got.  I have always wanted bakers twine, usually you only see it in red & white.  I'm not really a red & white kinda person, but this!  This was for me.  I think I will use it to wrap pretty packages of Christmas cookies.

I was cruising craigslist/ebay/etsy for wood montessori/waldorf toys and found this.  Oh!  I love it so much, and love that it's from a local (to me) seller.  I can't imagine a cooler toy in the mall or in Target.    There's something so tactile and pleasing about wood toys too.  My children really gravitate to them.  I've pared down the kitchen playset toys, we had tons of plastic food, etc, and have purchased 2 sets of these.  They will love them.  We already have some wood food and have a bunch of felt food, plus we have a nesting metal bowl set, little whisks and spoons, etc. 

Anyway!  I'm writing some more articles, I have SO many thoughts and ideas!  I hope the paper will publish some more of my articles.  I got great feedback from my homebirth article.  Thanks for taking the time to write!


  1. good finds! love those necklaces
    we have that tableware set, he plays with it daily & has stood up to a lot of abuse. great toy!

  2. Thanks for including my little package to you in your post! It's nice to hear how what I send out is received. Have fun using the twine in your Christmas packaging. Thanks again!


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