Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wednesday's view

The view from our upstairs window this morning:

As with all the seasons changes, I often feel like they have passed me by.  The changes are so subtle, yet so dramatic.  One day you look up and realize that the leaves are ALL off the trees...and you never took the time to notice while it was happening.  So this year I have consciously tried to observe the changes. 
A close relationship with the seasons changes is fascinating,  and good for the soul. 

View from last Wednesday, when this tree was at its peak.

View from just 2 Wednesdays ago, when the changes were just starting.

This to me is a reminder to just be, to go out and sit with my children in a big old pile of leaves (hopefully dry!) and breathe in and out and hear the crunching and hear them talking and laughing and imprint it on my heart forever.

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