Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sandpaper letters and racing cars

So a long time ago I wanted to buy the children some sandpaper letters.  I searched online but only found very expensive sets.  I thought, well, I can make those can't I?!  So several trips to the craft store later (to find the wood I wanted in stock), I had strips of wood to cut in half, paint (to paint the vowel boards one color and the consonant boards another color) and adhesive felt (so I wouldn't have to do brown sandpaper).  I couldn't get motivated though.  The materials sat and taunted me (well, not really) but I just didn't want to start.  I realized I'd need to print and cut all the letters backwards and it seemed like a hella work (it would be).  BUT!  Then I found these on etsy!  I could even customize the font!  And they were SO reasonable.  I got the alphabet and numbers for under $50, including shipping.  YES!  See the shop here.

Now below--Eric wanted to race cars in the upstairs hall.  I took some pictures.  Lily even graced us with her dressed-up self.  I love these kids.

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