Sunday, April 25, 2010

rainy sunday morning

I love waking up before everyone else, when the house is quiet and the day stretches out ahead.  I went out this morning in the rain and took some pictures.  It was so peaceful.
The gardens are ready to be planted!  Not today, though.

I'm writing a column on this old schoolhouse and Kim Porter of Garden Thyme.  The above photo was taken in 1898 at the school's dedication.  From 1930 until 1998, when Kim bought it, it was left to ruin.  You can see the detail that has been lost--the belfry, the spires on the chimneys, the wonderful porches.  She is restoring the schoolhouse as she can afford it.   And the plants!  A wonderful variety of all sorts of herbs, perennials, annuals.  Scented geraniums, lavendar, maiden pinks...those are all on my list to buy.  Yesterday we got monarda and an aloe vera plant.

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