Wednesday, April 14, 2010

weekend review

So I had hopes of blogging on Monday, and now here's it's the middle of the week already!  Wow.

I look around outside and am amazed.   When does it happen?  I'm outside every day, trying to watch the changes.  I walk around the yard and exclaim 'whoa!  when did THIS come up?  Or this...and when did this bloom?' 

This spring has been unbelievably gorgeous.  So many warm days.  Lilacs and tulips blooming in April!  Unreal.

I got my clothesline up and love it.  I can't resist smelling all the clothes and sheets as I take them off the line.  All we need to do is have a stake in the ground to prop up the line in the middle.  I wish I had put up my line a looong time ago, knowing that.  But now it's up and I intend to use it lots.  My neighbor with the pristine lawn (while mine is all organic--aka has weeds) will be thrilled.

We also did more puttering around the yard, just soaking in being outside.  I went to a Vinyasa yoga class (outside!) and got a couple runs in.  Yesterday Lils and I planted some baby trees. 

I started digging up some of the yard at 7:30 on Sunday night, because I got inspired about a project we want to do this summer.  Rob didn't 'dig' that too much.  Ha.  I hope he doesn't mind TOO much the holes in the ground till we get it done. 

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