Friday, June 11, 2010

Loving these moments, and growing sprouts

I took this picture yesterday, a beautiful sunny morning.  As I pegged each diaper on the line (oh, I love my clothesline), and looked at the ragged edges (how many times have they been washed?  200?  300?  More?)  I thought how fleeting this time is.  Calvin will be out of diapers soon, and then this baby time is gone forever.  We're on the cusp of having a teenager in the house too, and a fiesty kindergartner and a second grader.  Yeah, time could slow down just a wee bit.

And recently I found my beautiful little 25 cent copy of Wild Oats stores bulk foods guide.  In it is a page on how to sprout nuts and seeds.  I remember my Grandma had a little clipping of how to sprout mung beans inside her cupboard, but I never saw her or anyone do it.  I forayed into it way back then, years ago, and then somehow got out of the groove (how and why?!)  So I started again, right now we're sprouting lentils and plan to do many more. Black beans and kidney beans next maybe? I told Grace 'We're sprout farmers!'.  It's ridiculously easy and fun.  I joked with Rob that I could turn our counters into a sprout farm.  He said that would change my farm classification (because for SOME reason I'm listed in farm directories as owning a farm.  For real.  My main crop?  Agave.)  We could make a million dollars.

And I miss my Wild Oats store (yes, i know Whole Foods bought W.O.  i liked W.O. better...).  We used to live within walking distance of a Wild Oats for a short time.  But even better would be a locally owned bulk and local foods store right on the courthouse square.  Yes indeed.  If only I had that million dollars...

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