Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm back.  We took a trip out to New England, specifically Vermont and Maine.  It was lovely and everyone traveled well, considering.  We (mostly Rob) took scores of pictures.  Rather than try to decide what to upload here, I put a set up on flickr here.  I still need to add descriptions.  Rob also took a set of me hooping on the Maine seacoast, which are here.

So we're almost fully back into the swing of things here.  Friends are coming over this afternoon and we're making a rhubarb crisp.  Weeding is well underway (only gone a little over a week and it is nuts), yesterday Grace baked strawberry bread with a friend. 

June/July's goal is to do my brick patio which I'm looking forward to.  The 'stoop' part is done and looks AWESOME.  Need to get it done in time for our summer soiree which we're resuming (we took a 5-6 year hiatus from it due to summer babies and selling and moving). 

Also, I got exciting news Tuesday that an article I submitted for Mothering magazine is being retained for possible publication.  I would be so happy to be published in a magazine I love so much.

Welcome, Summer!

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  1. Yea! Exciting news about the Mothering article. I love their magazine. Hope you make in!


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