Thursday, July 16, 2009

flowers, vegetables, vintage & other stuff

Anyone who knows Lily knows the girl loves to pick flowers. So the other night I set her loose to pick a bouquet of shasta daisies and coneflowers. She went to town.

I'm working on a fabric birthday book for my (gasp) almost one year old. I printed these images on fabric...only I realized after the fact that they are not waterproof. Trying to decide what to do now. Spray them with a clear coat? I could, but I don't want them to be stiff and scratchy. Hmm.

first tomato haul from the garden! Eric was so proud to pick his 'babies'--yellow pear and chocolate stripe tomatoes.

Went to an annual church rummage sale today--and SCORE!! Got this wool dinosaur rug for Eric's room by Pottery Barn Kids. $20.

Grace found this for me--a vintage music box that plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I have a Jack and Jill one from when I was little, but it's really beat up. This one is in great shape. 50 cents.

And a twin Holly Hobby vintage sheet set. What's cool about this is that I had this same set when I was a girl. I still have the pillow cases, but I don't have the sheets anymore. I remember many hot summer nights lying in my bed on my HH sheets reading a book with the window fan blowing over me. Sweet memories. This was $2.
I love, love, love vintage books. I've never seen this one, it's by Margaret Wise Brown. Very sweet. 25 cents.
Here we have a school reader full of stories, a vintage Jack and the Beanstalk, and Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking (a must for every cook, don't you think?) 1.50 for all 3.

I am also a sucker for milk glass, though let it be known that I did pass up a bunch of it today. I got this vase for 25 cents.

A friend of mine found this under her house and gave it to me. Sweet! I haven't seen a lid like this before.


  1. you sure know how to find the good stuff thrifting. And I love your son's excited eyes with his tomato bounty.

  2. The tomatoes are beautiful! We're also growing the yellow pear ones, but mine split..every last one of them. I think it's all the rain around here. We love vintage books too... I buy them constantly for the kids, and for myself. You've found so many beautiful things!

  3. yes, he's SO excited about 'his' tomatoes, Rachel!

    Eva, aww! sorry to hear your tomatoes split--bleh! I love that you collect vintage books too, I am always on the hunt for them!


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