Monday, July 6, 2009

vintage vermont vacation finds

so we have: wooden bowls (will be used in our craft cabinet to hold various beads/for sorting etc), a tupperware container, juice glasses, a vintage pyrex refrigerator dish (YAY!), pyrex bowls, and awesome plain white corelle dishes. as best I can remember, I paid .50 each for the wood bowls, .10 each for the glasses, .25 for the tupperware, .75 and 1.25 for the corelle per piece, .75 for the vase, and between .10 and .75 for the pyrex bowls each. The biggest pricetag was the 3.00 for the vintage pyrex refrigerator dish, but heck, why not?

so adorable!

so lovely! I adore milk glass.

a very random piece--but I love the color, and it's heavy and hand made! 1.00 I think.

handknits, in the 3 bags for $2 section

wonderfully soft cotton sheets. These were in the 3 bags for $2 area too, so they were about .25 each at the most!

oh yeah--my loot from our vermont vacation! I knew I wanted to do a bit of thrifting. Malls? No way. Thrift stores? Yeah, that's more like it. Beforehand, I scouted out some thrift stores in Burlington and tagged along with my parents to places they knew of, plus we got a recommendation from one of their friends (and a fellow thrifter) of where she likes to go. I found treasures at every stop! Loot is from the 2 thrift stores in South Royalton, Recycle North & Salvation Army, both in B'ton, and Listens Thrift Store, somewhere near the Vt/NH border. The challenge was packing it (luckily I had brought extra bags for this), and getting all the stuff loaded up for the trip home. Did I mention that we also bought a piece of vintage luggage (1975), a bottle of wine and 2 wine glasses from a vineyard, and a dozen bottles of beer? So we were pretty weighed down with breakables. Luckily we all arrived home intact. I even caught a falling suitcase with my knee (ouch) but it was worth it--it contained my 'new' kitchen pieces.

yes, I bought everything....including a vintage wastebasket! Packing for home was fun, let me tell you! Rob was a real trooper. It made a good container to hold bottles of VT brewed beer, in the vintage suitcase. 1.00 for this gem!

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