Thursday, July 22, 2010

the 'hippies cook with herbs' party

As a change from our 'I'm not a dirty hippie' monthly parties, my friend Cortney offered to do a cooking demo with fresh herbs and lots of fresh garden produce. It was so very good, and very fun.

OK, I love this. Cortney brought her own Compost container.  This is the mark of a kindred spirit!  I love how she wrote 'compost' on both sides--to prevent children (and adults I suppose!) from snacking out of it. 
Also, the next evening I had my bookclub meeting and we met at my new friend Linda's, who only lives a few blocks from me (so nice to be able to walk to friend's houses).  I was amazed by Linda's house and yard--which in 2 years she's changed into a beautiful, beautiful garden.  And her house as you go through the kitchen into the dining room, there is a small room that you walk through.  It could be used as a little office or similar, it's a small cozy space, and Linda has made it her yoga room.  And as if THAT'S not enough, she has written quotes all over the walls in silver paint pen.  Hey!  I said, Me too!  She is another kindred spirit.  I love it.

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