Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yeah, it's only July, but think Green for Halloween!

I'm excited to announce that I'm a volunteer coordinator for the grassroots initiative Green Halloween!   I spoke to the founder, Corey Colwell Lipson, last week and I just love what she's doing here.  I remember last Halloween, again going through the dilemma of what to give out for trick or treat, because I loathe doing the normal candy thing.  We got silly at dinner with options like chunks of cheese, toothbrushes (actually a really good idea!!), fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs? to the way wacky idea of diabetic testing strips (from Rob).

Besides all the candy given out and ingested, there's all the trash generated, not to mention the cheapo trinkets that end up in the landfill almost immediately, and the cheap costumes that aren't meant to last, and the face paints that have lead and other harmful toxins in them.  I always say I would rather have one thing of quality over a bunch of inferior junk.  I know children feel the same! 
So, of course, I'm excited to do this--it's right up my alley.  Be sure to check out Green Halloween on facebook too (and 'like' it), as well as Celebrate Green, which is a book Corey and her mom co-wrote.  When I talked to Corey I mentioned that I'd recently been flipping through last year's December/January issue of Mothering and saw the article on eco friendly decor she and her mom had written.  Her mom has written many, many articles for Mothering, so Corey grew up with that magazine.  How cool!  (I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear from Mothering if my article will go from being on retainer to publication.  I won't hear until the last moment before it goes to print (and if not in the next issue, they'll hold it...up to six issues).  Oh, the suspense!!)

And here are some videos they've made, which are great.

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