Sunday, July 4, 2010

summer birthdays & projects

Coolness--we found a 'toy' typewriter in a shop downtown--the kids are loving composing notes and stories and musings.  they are...interesting!
On Lily's birthday, which had identical weather to the day she was born--sunny, warm but not hot, low humidity--perfect--we walked over to our old house, where she was born.  I lingered and remembered the getting down on all fours once I was gripped by the realization that this was IT, the calmness Rob exhibited while arranging care for Eric, who was 2, and getting us all home, how my friend Kristin came and got on the phone with my midwife, while she and Grace got the birth supplies, how everything unfolded just as it should and the midwife arrived approx. 45 min. after Lily.  Now here she is, as beautiful and strong willed as ever, Lily Jane.
I had some presents in my cache that I could have given Lily, but Grace and Mamie had gone downtown earlier in the day and bought her a present--a poofy pink and purple wand--perfect for Lils.  She was delighted.  So, that was her present.  It was just right. 
Here we are browsing baby pics.
And the projects--Rob made me this table out of scrap wood years ago--till now it's been unfinished.  I had a gallon of paint I was itching to use, so I cleaned it up (it was the laundry table in the basement) and painted it, I put it on the porch and discovered it's a perfect table for the stools out there.
And I painted this free buffet/cabinet I got from a friend--I added knobs and handles that I already had, along with some little wood flower details I glued on. 
Here's my vintage cooler!
And the patio is done!  And it looks amazing.  I love it.  Thanks, Rob!

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