Friday, July 16, 2010

rummage sale finds and bricks

I love thrifting, and I've found the BEST place to find a lot of bargains in a little bit of time (cuz driving around to what often amounts to piddly garage sales and often leaving empty handed is not something I do much anymore) are church rummage sales.  There are five annual ones within a few miles that I try to hit every year, and one of them ended today so it was fill-a-bag-for-$3 day.
Here are some glasses we got (perfect for our party!) and some stick things.  I don't think they're chopsticks, but they're wood and Calvin had a good time sticking them in the glasses.  I got a metal bowl and the milk glass vase (can't.resist!) and the two toned pink vase, all shown above.
2 prs. of jeans for me, a homemade felt lion headdress, a green 'dress up' shirt, a towel...
a woven bag, a visor, tops, pants and dance outfit for Lily, 2 shirts, socks, and pants for Eric, and books...
...shorts, 2 shirts and jammie top for Grace...
A wood red barn and farm animals for Calvin

And I got these vintage books--all from the 50's.  LOVE.  Noticeably absent of the word 'Disney', too...

and all of this for the grand total of....are you ready??

9 bucks.  Heck yeah.

And then, Eric and I wondered how many bricks are in our sidewalks?  We did some counting.  Well, lots of counting.
And some multiplying, and determined that there are approximately 4, 418 bricks in our sidewalks, plus the approx. 500 bricks in our backyard for a grand total of 4, 918!

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