Friday, November 27, 2009

crocheting with Grandma & puppet theatre

Yesterday (well, Wednesday) we made a toy theatre out of a box, inspiration found here.  I added as much detail as I could with a feverish baby strapped to me and called it good.  Eric was very excited about it, crafting the felt clothespin Superman entirely himself, except for the hot gluing.

Thanksgiving Day I nearly finished Lily's scarf--just need to add some tassels to each end.

I asked my Grandma to show me how to crochet.

She is a patient and encouraging teacher.  I was able to do it under her watchful eye.  Love my Grandma!!  But curses to my camera, how I long for a fancy, new (to me) good one that's not a point and shoot.

Feverish baby was back to normal yesterday, just in time for TG.  But now it's after midnight and shoot, he's still going strong.

The End.

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