Saturday, November 21, 2009

dolls, glue & tp

I made these dolls this morning--one for Lil and one for Calvin for Christmas.  I think they're quirky and cute with the arms pointing different directions and legs different lengths.  Not intentional, but that's how it works out.

Lily loves glue (and tape).  The other night she was cutting up some colored paper and had the glue out.  When I put her to bed I saw this by her bed.  She had glued it to the wall (!).  (We were out of tape).  So I peeled off what I could and stuck a damp paper towel on it to loosen the glue.  Which I promptly forgot about until I saw it in the morning, which is how I ended up scrubbing paper towel and paper that was glued to the wall.

And this...oh, we need a TP post.  I swear I have posted about toilet paper here before.  I bought a 30 roll pack of TP, oh, 5 days ago and let the children open and play with it, they love that part.  Which was cool until they started unrolling and throwing it around.  Then ensued a TP cleanup, it was deposited into this grocery bag.  We're still using it. 

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