Thursday, November 12, 2009

new desk setup & other nesting projects

Fall seems to make me want to nest.  I've been doing all sorts of projects, a big one being our screen porch (pics to come).  I found this AWESOME vintage desk on craigslist (which happens to match a recently painted chair!) and drove down south last night to pick it up.  The ensuing mess of transferring everything over was a PITA, but now everything is nice and organized.

before--a disorganized heap of a mess!

and after

sewing table before--I was so over the pink!

sewing table after.  LOVE it.  I added a drawer pull too, and made a sewing machine cover since it's always out.  I painted the wall shelf thing (show above) to match the lilac wall--a good place to keep scissors and pins out of reach of little hands.

This bus tent has seen some serious action.  It was a christmas present for Grace in 1999!  We videotaped her running from one end to the other popping her head out and saying "hi mom! hi dad!"  Hard to believe Calvin is the 4th child of ours to play in it.

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