Monday, November 23, 2009

What We are Eating this Week and Weekly Quote

I have discovered chalkboard paint and plotting where next I can use it.  Latest project--painting the pantry doors for menus.

I also try to do a weekly quote (also on the pantry.)

On another is still Fall.  Not Winter.  I can't get into celebrating Christmas in the Fall.  Not before Thanksgiving.  Not even in November.  Nope.  I say this as I see more and more Christmas decorations going up on houses.  There is a house by us that had Christmas decorations up November 1st.  Yes, the day after Halloween.  Right beside the jack-o-lantern leaf bags.

I don't want to eat my Thanksgiving dinner beside a Christmas tree (and I don't, thankfully).  We really start celebrating just a couple of weeks before, which also helps the children be patient.  With Christmas 4 weeks from Thanksgiving, that seems like an eternity to have a tree up, at least to me (and lots of excited kids). I like the old fashioned tradition of bringing in the tree Christmas Eve, myself, though we will probably get ours a few days before that.

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  1. I totally agree about waiting for christmas. my downstairs neighbors typically have their christmas decorations (giant light up crazy inflatable things) up the day after halloween until the end of february. I like when holiday's have a specific and brief timespan.


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