Monday, January 25, 2010

Earth Cycle Calendar & the coolest market in town (longest name, too)

I got this beautiful Earth Cycle Calendar and love it, so do my children.  It's so lovely to look at and so educational too.  We're watching the moon cycles which is fun.  If you order one from Lacey, tell her I sent you.  She's great!

Lils and I made this sign for our market, inspired by the Mudsock Market at Conner Prairie.  She came up with the name for the market and we started out hand drawing a sign wherein I did block letters and she was coloring them in.  We were also drawing pictures.  Then the phone rang and as I answered it, Lils decided to help more by coloring (scribbling) in large sections, making it unreadable.  So with naptime for Calvin running short, I printed the words but the printer is nearly out of ink.  Therefore the sign doesn't meet my aesthetic standards, but oh well.  It's only a matter of time before it gets torn down by Calvin, I'm afraid.  It says 'The Cow jumped over the Moon and the Chicken went into the Barn Market.'

I think here she's directing my next move.  Hm!

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