Friday, January 29, 2010

Seed love

Yesterday I stopped by this nursery to pick up a couple of packets of seeds in anticipation of spring (still a ways off, I know) and somehow ended up with 17 packets.  Yes, 17.  Oh my. 

*purchased from a small independent business which is so incredibly important. 
*they are heirlooms, which fits my ethics and desire to grow unusual (nowadays) things, plus I am really annoyed angered by GMO's and Monsanto.
*they are so awesome--I mean, who can resist tomatoes called 'Black Krim'?
*my children will LOVE growing these together.
*we will LOVE eating these together (well, not the flowers)

*where on earth (ha, ha) will I be planting 17 packets worth of seeds?  I see much garden work ahead, many more gardens to be made, somehow, some way.  Poor Rob.

And I had to post this today as my fb status update, since I read it last night and went 'WOW.' 
To live as closely as possible to the numinous wild a woman must do more head tossing, more brimming, have more sniffling intuition, more creative life, more 'get down dirty,' more solitude, more women's company, more natural life, more fire, more spirit, more cooking of words and ideas. She must do more recognition of sorority, more seeding, more root stock-keeping, more kindness to men, more neighborhood revolution, more poetry, more painting of fables and facts, longer reaches into the wild feminine.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes, from Women Who Run with the Wolves

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