Tuesday, January 12, 2010

want. to. make.

this belt.  from here.  we don't drink soda though, so acquiring the needed tabs (about 150) is a problem.  can you help?  if so, i would love to recycle your tabs!


  1. I live in Noblesville as well. I think my parents drink more than enough for your belt in a week! Let me know.

    I have been meaning to look your blog up for a while (I've seen your column). My husband thinks I am the only wierdo in Noblesville!

  2. Awesome! I'm sorry your parents drink so much soda, but heck yeah, I'd love to get the tabs!

    It's always nice to meet other wierdos 'round here! thanks for the comment.

  3. I hope they recycle the cans. :)


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