Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Play and a Study in Photography

I took these pictures of Eric and Lily playing the other night and Calvin and Lily playing today.  I love their little dollhouse still lifes and how absorbed they get in play.

 I still don't know how to really use this new camera.  It's VERY intimidating to me, yet I know that when I understand it I will be able to do so much with it.  I need to learn how to shoot in manual.  Our friend who is a photographer took these pictures with it at a coffee shop. 

These five shots of Rob are so different.  I have no idea how this was done!
Couldn't I just capture what he knows and put it in my brain?  That would be sooo much easier.


  1. The best place to start is reading the camera's manual, cover to cover :) I learned so much that way. The book "Understanding Exposure" (I found it at the library) is great too. Lots of pictures and easy to understand. After I did those 2 things, my photos really changed and got so much better.

  2. thanks Amanda, great advice! I got that book from the library and it's excellent. I'm going to have to return it soon, before I've fully read it. Oh well, I'll place another hold!


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