Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday--family things

We went back to our hometown Sunday for a belated Christmas visit and were delighted to receive these snowmen ornaments above, made by my Grandma (who will be 90 this year). She also made the cute snowman below, the chenille is from my Great Grandma Daisy's bedspread. I adore these, it's so special to me to have family handiwork. Lily has claimed the snowman with the pink hat.

Mom also asked me to go through the bookcases for any books I might want and I gathered a stack.  I love this Little Farmer one by Margaret Wise Brown!

And, I was looking at Mom's coverlets and they are so amazing.  The ones she has date within a few decades of the 1850's.  Mom never paid more than $20 for any of them, she scoured auctions to find them (that's our family thrifting spirit!).  I love that.  I hope to find a quilt or coverlet that I can afford that way, too.  So anyway, I was saying how I would love to find some wool blankets and wondered if I would have better luck in New England, it would seem so.  So she pulled out these 2 family wool blankets and gave them to me!  Whee!  She'd forgotten she even had them, didn't know what to do with them, and was happy I wanted them.  She often comments how alike we are.  About certain things, yes.  I'm sure she will never understand my nose piercing though!

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