Monday, March 15, 2010

more on pillows (and some photos)

These couch throw pillow covers were pretty much shot and I was ready for a change anyway, so I ripped out the old zippers to re-use and got some fabric out of my stash.  I finished one pillow Saturday and was ready to finish the second pillow when I couldn't find the second zipper.  I looked everywhere and nada.  Then this morning as I was emptying the laundry hamper, there it was (Calvin!).  So I finished the second pillow.  Aside from the zipper ripping-out and the missing zipper for 2 days, these were quick and easy.
Now I'm thinking about re-covering the larger pillows that came with the couch, they're pretty blah.

Rob took some pics last week--mostly black and white--see the set here.

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