Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the winds of change

...can you feel it?  It's coming.  I'm feeling it this week.

The world is waking up, though it still looks mostly dead. 

But it's not.

We're using this warm weather inspiration to work in the garden.  I took up the bricks that I had put all the way to the edges between these 2 raised beds and am using them as a walkway on the ends here.  We'll be more than doubling our garden this year (yeah!) and I'll use that space to plant carrots or similar.

So there will be lots of grass diggin' up, lots of raised bed building, and lots of planting coming up here.

'Grandma and Grandpa in the Garden'
taken last May during the building of these 2 raised beds.  2 more to come!

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