Saturday, March 6, 2010

morning sky & easy pillow slipcover

This was my view out of my front door this morning.  So peaceful and beautiful.  Makes me want to freeze time and live in this light for always.

Last night I sewed a super easy square pillow slipcover for Grace's other twin bed.  Long ago I had sewn her an exact same one (back when she only had one twin bed in her room).  So here we go.  I used 2 cotton hankerchiefs, though any fabric will work.  A 20" zipper fits perfectly on it.  Sew one side of the zipper on.
Then the other side (sorry for the inconsistent lighting.  Yeah, haven't got this camera thing down yet).
Now you've got a big rectangle with a zipper in the middle.  Fold fabric in half, right sides together.  Be sure to open the zipper halfway.  Very important.
Sew up all 3 sides and turn rightside out.
That's it!  Slip over your pillow and zip.  Throw on the bed, couch, floor.  Easy to remove & toss in the wash.  Note that you don't really need to buy a pillow form at the craft store, either.  Goodwill has lots of throw pillows that could be easily recovered with this method.  Just adjust for the size.  Oh, and I picked up some bamboo fiber stuffing at Joann's yesterday.  I have gotten wool before (online) and loved it, I always prefer the natural fibers over the polyfill.  It costs more (twice as much) but with a 40% off coupon at Joann's, it was only $1 more.

Happy Weekend!

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