Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vintage pillowcases, I love you

So I've got a 'thing' for vintage linens.  Napkins, tablecloths, dishtowels, sheets, you get the idea.  Not the least of which is pillowcases.  I'm already twitchy for garage sale season and hope I can find more lovely ones.  I saw my crafty cousin, Casey, today who asked me if I had ever made a pillowcase dress.  No, I haven't, but I know I have seen tutorials and it's on my 'to make list'.  So I found my links I have saved--one for the dress, and one for adorable pj pants.  See here and here.  Oh, and I found a cute top here.


  1. WANTWANTWANT! NEEEEED those pillowcase pants for my baby! I'm only a novice with the sewing machine (I've only recently begun teaching myself on simple things like pillows), but I MUST find a way to make those pants for my daughter, and possibly myself... Thank you for sharing those!
    -your stalker Lisa

  2. aweseme, Lisa! let's make a pact to make them this spring! They'll be so sweet for summer. LMK if you have any sewing questions. :)

  3. I just bought a few old pillowcases at Goodwill to practice on, so we'll see how that goes... (fingers crossed) You better believe I'll be haunting you if I can't figure it out, because all of the girls I know MUST have pillow shirts/dresses (and since I'm 7mos. pregnant, I got a giant knit pillowcase for mine :) -Lisa


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