Saturday, March 27, 2010


The other night it was just me and the little 2, and I got the urge to move our computer desk from the dining room into Lily's room, which is right off the dining room, and have a little craft/computer room.
I envisioned putting it here where the dresser is, and moving the dresser up to Grace's room.  Grace's room has 2 twins, one of which will be Lily's eventually.  Right now, though, Lily is sleeping in Eric's bottom bunk. 
I also thought I'd move this craft cabinet into Lil's room and make a space for doing art projects that don't involve the dining room table...

So the fun began.  I found that I couldn't fit the desk through the doorway, no matter how I turned it.  I ended up removing the door, which was tremendously HEAVY, being solid wood and 7 feet tall.

I got the desk into 'the spot.'  It looked awful there.  Funny how a good idea in my head can look soooo bad in real life.  I thought 'I have done for nothing.'  But then, how would I have known had I not tried?  I did get a lot of dusting done.  Organizing, too, so that was very good.
And Lil and Calvin had the best time playing in/around the desk, when I wasn't moving it around.

I got the craft cabinet moved in.  It looks pretty good there, I think.
THEN, I decided to move Calvin's crib out from our room into the space where I had wanted to put the desk.  It fits!   And here's a quandary...I think I'll leave the lilac and white stripe on the walls, but I want to paint over the pink.  All I can come up with is some variation of green, but then I have a green bedroom, green kitchen, green garage, green bedroom (well, half green) for Grace, and I want to paint the dining room some shade of green potentially.  I think that's Too Much Green.  Maybe I'll do this room green and the dining room something else.  Something funky.  Hmmm.  Any thoughts are welcome!
I really like this area here.
And here's our coffee table turned art table (which WILL be painted I'm sure).  It wasn't as long as I hoped (craigslist buy) but I liked the bottom shelf and the drawer.

So now this is Calvin's room/craft room.  We'll see how this works out!

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